Clarification on misquoting the President of Somalia on the casualties of El Adde attack

Djibouti: 27 February 2016: It has come to our attention that the media has misquoted HE The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on the issue of the Kenyan casualties in El Adde attack in January 2016.

The number of 180 to 200 soldiers in which the President mentioned in his interview with a Somali local TV was not meant to be the actual number of the deaths suffered by our Kenyan brothers at El Adde attack, but the President was describing the size of the camp and the number of soldiers who were thought to be present during the terrorist attack.

President Mohamud was among the leaders who paid tribute and joined the Kenyans, during the memorial service of the fallen brave Kenyan soldiers, held in Eldoret end of January. In this interview with the Somali TV, the President was defending his decision to join Kenyans the memorial service of the Kenyan heroes.

The Federal Republic of Somalia, HE President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the people of Somalia are committed to extend full support to their Kenyan brothers and sisters in the peacekeeping mission of AMISOM, and are sharing the pain of the losses caused during the terrorist attack of El Adde.

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