Mogadishu – Event showcasing Somali culture, which was organized by Center for Community Awareness (CCA)  was held in Yaqshid district in Mogadishu this week.  The event was attended by senior government officials including various Benadir region’s district commissioners and  officials from the Benadir adminisration, parliamentarians, politicians, women groups including the women organization at National and regional levels, crowds of cheering people.

The cultural program displayed at the Yaqshid district center showcased various cultural programs including dramas, songs, poems and magic entertainment and was highly performed by Waaberi Band.

Center for Community Awareness (CCA), which is  a not-for-profit, volunteer driven organization committed to transforming the chaotic lives of young people through persistent and compassionate mentoring, aims the program to strengthen the social cohesion, community integration through cultural events in order to inspire lives of the young Somalis, after decades of civil unrest.

Shangani district commissioner, Ahmed Hassan Yalahow who spoke on behalf of the all the commissioners of Banadir region praised the center’s activities implemented in Benadir region in reviving the Somali culture and sports and community integration and are vital to the community’s basic life development and encouraged to double their efforts in bringing the Somalis together separated long term civil strife.

“Its an encouraging step for all of us to see the showcased programs in reviving the Somali culture, sports, community integration,” Ahmed Hassan Yalahow, Shangani district commissioner said in his remarks, “These programs show us building the community at grassroots level after decades of civil war and encourage you (CCA)  to double your efforts in pulling the Somalis together.”

Other keynote speakers included, Suldaan Hassan Abdulle, one of the Yaqshid traditional elders who expressed that, “Yaaqshiid people are  completely aspired by this Cultural showcase and requested the CCA leadership to implement development programs in the district.”

Deputy chairperson of Somali National Women Organization, Mrs. Anab Hassan Eilmi, Chairlady of Benadir Women organization, Mrs. Jawaahir Baarqab both called the Cultural program, “restoring hopes of the people and commended CCA for their effective programs delivered to the Somalis. They also called the Somalis in the Diaspora to return to their motherland and take part the reconstruction and development of the country.

Chairman of Center for Community Awareness (CCA), Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Ali (Mohamed Cajiib) said in his opening remarks that CCA had the pleasure to organizing this cultural showcase reviving the Somali culure, which the last time presented was more than 25 year ago.

CCA Chairman further said that, the organization was founded on the people’s wishes and its commitment to cultural and religious protection and urged all Somalis to collectively protect the Somali culture and religion and oppose those trying to transform it. Mr. Cajiib reiterated his organization’s willingness to double such cultural showcases in the year to come, 2016.

A member of the Federal parliament of Somalia, Yusuf Haile Jimale, who attended the event showcasing the Somali culture applauded program and welcomed the efforts by the Center and its leadership in standing up  to  reawaken the Somali culture and their commitment in working the community intergradations which are keys to lasting peace and prosperous society.

“To restore the culture means to restore the peace.” Yusuf Haile Jimale, member of the Federal parliament of Somalia reiterated, “It shows us hopes and urged CCA to hold such events throughout the country.”

Horn Observer