AU mission probes alleged civilian killing in Somalia

The Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) said Saturday they are probing into claims that its troops killed at least seven civilians in central Somalia after a fire fight with Al-Shabaab on Wednesday.

The AU mission said its convoy which was traveling toward Ceel Buur foiled an Al-Shabaab ambush and inflicted heavy casualties on the militants.

“AMISOM is aware of allegations in the media of civilian deaths attributed to its troops. It’s not aware of such deaths,” AMISOM said.

AMISOM said its troops took utmost care to protect civilians in all its operations, adding that all allegations are investigated with relevant Somali authorities.

According to media reports, seven civilians were shot dead by Ethiopian troops serving under AMISOM.

The reports claimed that the AU soldiers carried out a mass shooting in Dac area, after they were ambushed by armed Al-Shabaab fighters in the central Somalia town.

Al-Shabaab militants have in recent months increased their attacks to overthrow Somalia’s central government and establish a state based on its interpretation of the Islamic law.