An Insight to the Dark Side of Somalia’s Dangerous Journalism

Controversy surrounding alleged Somali teacher who was killed in Wadajir district early September, but purportedly reported to being a journalist, has been unveiled.

Unknown gunmen armed with pistols shot dead a teacher identified as Abdullahi Ali Hussein Aka “Ano-Gel”, the Crime Watch program of the popular Goobjoog Radio reported. ´Caano Geel was a well known school teacher in wadajir district´ another prominent Somali media, Hiiraan Online reported.

Not only the above media stations reported alone, but all Somali media reported similar stories. But, how a slain teacher transformed into a journalist after his death remains mystery, although, family members of the deceased teacher vehemently rejected over the forged claims that their son, late Abdullahi Ali Hussein was not a journalist, but rather a school teacher.


In a surprising move, the famous teacher who fell victim into the hands armed criminals, after shooting him to death, was proclaimed as the editor in chief of the Dutch based Somali website, Waagacusub Media, raising questions over the immediate claim. Waagacusub Media immediately circulated an email to the International press freedom and journalists organizations, urging them to react.  However, some of the international media organizations questioned the credibility of the one sourced information, just coming outside Somalia, contrary to the local Somali media reporting, which identified the victim as a teacher.

In the meantime, the widely respected  Paris based Reporters Without Borders (RSF), retracted its statement on the murder of late  Hussein who was killed on September 9, 2015 in Mogadishu, after learning the story in question was fabricated and baseless, which is a serious blow to Dahir Alasow and his cohorts.


On Thursday, family members of late Abdullahi Mohamed Hussein spoke to the Somalia media saying with a loud voice that their son was not a journalist and was an inelegant to call him a journalist after his death.

Ifrah Tohow, who is one of the family members of late Hussein said that, “Their son was not a journalist, but was a simple teacher and called for the Somali authorities to investigate such claimants whose purpose was to mislead the public for reasons we don’t understand’, according to the news reports.

“We can not understand the motive behind this and put us under a serious suspicion over the claimants links to the assassination of our son.” Mrs. Tohow added.


Dahir Alasow’s lucrative business on extorting money from the people at various levels from Somali government officials to Somali civil society leaders to the business entities met its highest challenging task, when Dahabshiil Group, whom he demanded money in exchange for the defamatory and libelous articles published on his website, aimed to intentionally damage their business, sued him at Breda court, where Dahir Alasow lives in the Netherlands.

The court case has been continuing over several years prompting Dahir Alasow to face bankruptcy and injecting the court hearing has been his biggest target to achieve as he prefers outside court settlement, which is an opportunity he can negotiate bribery money as part of his  larger extortion policies Besides of the victimized teacher Abdullahi Ali Hussein (Ano-Gel), whom family members suspect their son’s murder might have  possible links to the claimant, Mr. Alasow, the which he reported to the court as being a victim, intelligence source indicate that he shot a video tape of alleged Shabab assailants, threatening him to death, which was widely reported by Dutch media, which resulted the postponement of the court case, according to media reports.


Dahir Alasow,  who is a self appointed investigative journalist, uses various techniques to keep his lucrative business for money collection alive and in this way collected thousands of dollars from victimized  government officials, members of the business community, civil society leaders, some of whom meet the demands in exchange for peace and those who decline to meet Alasow’s demands are victimized through defamatory and libelous publications as punishment- a term Alasow uses.

Mr. Alasow established more than a dozen bilingual Somali news websites, which he distributed among his large network in Somalia. among other issues, he established special news websites under the names of some Somali political elites, including the mayor of Mogadishu, Hassan Mohamed Hussein as part of his tactical intimidations and sort of punishment of those who don’t obey his orders for payment. The website, which was registered and given a domain for the nickname of the Mayor of Mogadishu, claims that it will illustrate the small ass.

Similar defamatory articles were written t, among other people, against the head of the State, Hassan Sheik Mohamoud, several government institutions, civil society organizations, an indication that they had refused to pay – actions that constitute criminal offenses punishable under the state law.  In addition, Mr. Alasow has known active network in Somalia, especially in Mogadishu that provide intelligence information against individuals deemed to have secured some resources and collect the illegally obtained funds from their victims.

The more Mr. Alasow is threatened by shortage of funds, the more he increases his attack on the public figures.  More recently, Dahir Alasow published an interview from unidentified man on October 20, 2015,  accusing Chairman of Center for Community Awareness, Mohamed Cajiib for preaching Christianity and converted over 200 youth to Christianity. This, however, followed, after Mr. Alasow  asked renowned civil society activist, Mohamed Cajiib to pay  $10,000 or he will meet his punishment by distorting his image by accusing him rape, corruption, libels them as terrorists or spreading Christianity among other issues – a term which could lead to serious security challenges including immediate assassination in a Muslim country like Somalia.   However, Mohamed Cajib rejected the requested fund and published the  communication on the twitter page of the Center for Community Awareness.

Source: Hornobserver