Al shabaab says it has killed four KDF soldiers in Somalia

Somali rebel group al shabaab says it has killed four Kenyan defense forces soldiers serving with AMISOM in an ambush near Hawinaa location in lower jubba region of Somalia.

The KDF military convoy came under attack as it was travelling between Dhoobley and Taabta in lower Jubba region.

“We have killed four Kenyan soldiers and destroyed a military vehicle after ambush attack” al shabaab media outlets reported.

No comment from Kenya Government about the attack.

The expansive forest is being used as a hideout by terrorists who severally launched attacks against the locals, mostly targeting non-Muslims.

The terror group has been launching attacks in the area killing and injuring many. This is because the area is near the Somalia-Kenyan border which has many of them.

Written by Hassan Istiila