New ATMIS Police Commissioner concludes visit to Somalia’s Federal Member States

The new Police Commissioner of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), Hillary Sao Kanu, has concluded a three-day visit to Jubaland, HirShabelle and Southwest to acquaint herself with the on-going police programs in the federal member states.

“It is a great opportunity for me to meet with my police officers and see what they are doing, the activities they are engaged in, and also identify some of the challenges they face,” the ATMIS Police Commissioner said.

This is Kanu’s first visit to the federal member states since assuming office early this month.

The Police Commissioner held several meetings with senior ATMIS officials based in the administrative capitals of Kismayo, Baidoa and Jowhar, where matters of security and welfare of police officers were discussed.

She urged police officers to remain steadfast in the implementation of the Mission’s mandate, which includes building the capacity of the Somali Police Force through training, mentoring and provision of operational support.

“We are here to bring peace to Somalia. We are also here to ensure Somali Police officers are able to stand on their own and execute their duties effectively,” she noted, adding that ATMIS is keen on helping the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) establish a professional police force capable of protecting civilians and maintaining law and order.

“I appeal that we all focus on effective training so that we can meet the mandate of ATMIS Police,” said Kanu who holds the rank Commissioner of Police (CP). CP Kanu hailed the officers for their commitment and urged them to discharge their duties selflessly and with dedication.

“The reason for our coming here is to ensure that there is peace, and that is what we have to concentrate on. We can only manage by working together with all the components of ATMIS,” CP Kanu noted.

The Acting Coordinator of ATMIS Police in Hirshabelle, Marafa Manu, hailed the visit, saying it had boosted the morale of police officers in the sector.

“This visit gave us more confidence to perform our duties effectively. We will continue to work hard to achieve the mandate of ATMIS,” said Manu, a Superintendent of Police (SP) by rank.

The Police Commissioner was accompanied by the new ATMIS Police Operations and FPU Coordinator, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Ahmed Lateef and the ATMIS Police Training and Development Coordinator, ACP Asiedu Okanta Samuel ATMIS police component comprises Individual Police Officers (IPOs) and Formed Police Units deployed in the Federal Member States, to help build the capacity of the Somali Police Force, ensure the rule of law and support community policing initiatives.


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