MP Godah Says There Are Attempts To Use Money To Remove President From Office

Abdullahi Godah Barre, a member of parliament in Somalia who talked about the country’s current politics and reports of foreign interferences, said that there are attempts to use money to remove the President from the office.

The politician said that previously, there were cases where politicians are given money to support someone vying for a certain post but that is now over and there are politicians given money to remove the President from office.

Hon Barre further expressed fear that the maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya can be compromised. He said Kenya was given time to convince Somalia and if some politicians are bribed to remove the president, it will be a serious problem.

“I yesterday (past) there was ‘take this money and elect me’, today there is a worse thing which is ‘take this money and remove your President from office,” said the member of parliament.

Barre concluded that the only way to overcome the current political problems is to get patriotic politicians.

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