Mogadishu airport security foiled Al shabaab network

Somali’s security forces on Monday arrested 20 Al shabaab network while they were trying to depart Mogadishu airport, Somali Security Minister Abdirisak Omar Mohamed said.

The minister not mention where the network were going, he added that the men are traveling fake document.

Least couple of days security has been beefed up at local airports in Somalia amid there are upcoming election in Somalia next month.

“Security agencies obtained information about Al shabaab network then foiled, we will enhance operation, furthermore there were others Al shabaab networks who were arrested while they were trying to depart same of local airports in Somalia” security minister said.

Airport authorities in Mogadishu were placed on “heightened vigilance” same of airport workers revealed to Radio Dalsan.

The Somali army, together with AU forces, is battling the Al-Shabaab Islamist group, which stages periodic attacks in the country.


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