Military Fatigue-Wearing Puntland Leader Deni Declares War On Alshabaab

Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni has said the region is on high alert following Friday’s Al-Shabaab attack and threatened retaliation against those who had stormed a jail in the town.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Deni dressed in military uniform said security forces quickly responded to the attack and killed some of the attackers and prisoners who were trying to escape the prison.

“Puntland is on high alert and security forces immediately responded to the attack,” said President Deni, adding that an investigation was under way and those who facilitated the incident would face severe punishment.

President Deni said the operation would continue and not be limited to the perpetrators, and that they would be taken out from their hideouts.

On Friday Al-Shabaab militants attacked Bosaso prison and freed at least 400 inmates.

US trained elite forces Danab former commander, Abdirahman Omar Jeeni said he informed Puntland authorities about the attack 7 months ago but his “reports were not taken seriously”

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