Mass grave discovered in North Eastern Kenya

Mass grave have been reported to have been discovered in North Eastern Kenya border town of Wajir.

According to local Kenyan newspaper, The Star at least 11 bodies were found in a shallow grave in Lanbiib on the outskirts of Wajir town.

Two dismembered heads were found in Yahud dam, two kilometers east of Wajir.

Human rights organizations and families are alarmed over the alleged resurgence of extra-judicial killings and disappearances of terror suspects.

It is believed that the victims are the suspected terror individuals previously detained by Kenyan security agencies in the Somali dominated region.

Human right groups have documented missing cases in the coastal region, North Eastern and Nairobi since Al Shabaab retaliatory attacks in the country.

Kenya sent its troops inside Somalia in October 2011 to battle armed group Al Shabaab which it said has threatened its national security and main economic activity along the coastal region.

International human right groups have also criticized Kenyan government over extra judicial killings linked to war on terror since war on Al Shabaab started.

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