Workers decry poor working conditions in Somalia as the world marks labor day

Recognized by dozens of countries worldwide, Labor Day occasion is  consolidated over the decades as an ubiquitous part of the annual calendar.

Jamal Abdi Hirey , an accountant wished all civil servants in Somalia across the globe a blessed labor day .

He also championed for formulation of trade union and legal framework that will protect rights of workers.

“I would like to wish all civil servants across the globe a happy labor day.

Due to decades of war in the country which has massively affected number of workers in the country  labor day is not celebrated like before .

Government should set a trade union body for champion for rights of workers .”

Somalia does not have a statutory minimum wage. A new federal law  that will specify   labor rights and employment conditions, is still in the draft stage.

Mohamud Moalim , a pharmacist asserts that federal  government of Somalia observers labor day. Civil servants are handed an off day.

He implored to major big Companies in the nation  to adhere to world norms and also accord labor day as a special day.

“It’s largely civil servants that are  granted a day off during this special occasion of labor day. I would like to urge major big brands like Hormuud and Dahabshil to be in unison with rest of the world in celebrating labour day.”

Osman Gelley a hawker voices that biggest threat and enemy of workers is corrupt leadership . He urged the president to spearhead in structuring a robust judiciary system that will incarcerate corrupt leaders .

“I would like to urge President of Somalia to obliterate bad governance and corrupt leadership in our country . Corrupt leaders infringing rights of workers should be brought to book .

Many that we interviewed but declined to appear on camera   are notably disadvantaged . This in terms of their understanding and ability to avail themselves of middle-class securities and privileges.

Basic amenities such as family vacations, social security, health insurance, and mortgage loans, which are common in other parts of the world, are considered to be a luxury here in Somalia .












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