International community calls for dialogue as MPs set an election committee to oust Galmudug president Guled

International community led  by the United Nations and African Union on Friday called for stakeholders in the Galmudug crisis to dialogue to avoid region sliding into anarchy.

“The dispute which has led to a vote  to remove the President from office with the President and the Speaker of the assembly rejecting the vote as illegal is potentially destablising” a joint  statement from the International community said.

“The international partners call upon all stakeholders in Galmudug in particular members of the regional assembly the Speaker of the assembly and the President to resolve the underlying issues through dialogue and refrain from resorting to any acts of violence”a statement from.the UN said.

Mps gathered in Adado on Friday to establish a commitee that will oversee an election to replace President Abdulkarim Guled after a vote of no confidence was passed by Parliament this week

The move by Parliament has thrown the state into a political  dissaray that has seen President Guled sack Minister Jama Hassan. Hassan has however declined to step down.

Relation between Guled and Parliament is on a record low.

Galmudug is a new state which has been in existence for one year only. Its President is seen as a close ally of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud   less than a year old.

Analysts are more concerned that the current crisis makes the new state vulnerable to slide into instability.

Currently the administration controls only the capital Adado and Galkaayo while the rest of the state is shared between militant group Alshabaab and Sufi militants  Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaa.

Amisom peace keeping trooops from Djibouti and Burundi are only based in Adado.

President Mohamud is expected to exercise his powers as the Head of State to aid his ally and former  chief campaigner Abdikarim Guled from the political turmoil facing him.

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