Hodan District Administration Opens New Roads And Demolishes Illegal Building

Hodan District administration with the help of the local forces have established new roads and demolished buildings deemed to be structured in grey areas in Oktobar village ,Hodan District , Banadir region.

Hodan district which is considered to be the most populous among the 17 districts has hit headlines of the news waves for all reasons, starting from Al Shabaab ambush, political assassinations,public protests among others .

Land and property ownership in Mogadishu remains an emotive and complex issue dating back to the collapse of the government in 1991.

Hodan district commissioner highlighted that his administration is geared to ensure all roads in the locality are passable. Moreover , he sent stern warning to owners of buildings anchored in public land such as roads that if they do not implement the management’s warning they will face the same fate.
The leader voiced that the directive will decongest the district and even ease the path for fire fighters who have had a herculean task in responding to emergencies due to the watertight nature of the roads.

Speaking to the press the commissioner emphasised that they are more ready to implement the city’s Mayor directives for the good of the public

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