Five Accused Of Zobe Bombing Face Court Of Armed Forces

The Somali Court Of Armed Forces has today heard the case of five men who are accused to be behind the 14th October 2017 Zobe bombing in Mogadishu. These are:

  1. Hassan Adan Issack Ali, the son of (mother) Hawa Mohamed Ali who is 23 years old and born in Bay region,
  2. Abdullahi Ibrahim Hassan Absuge who was absent from the court,
  3. Abdiweli Ahmed Diriye, the son of (mother) Dubado Ibrahim Hassan who is 32 years old and born in Galgadud region,
  4. Muqtar Mohamud Hassan Roble, the son of (mother) Kaho Kariye Awale who is 43 years old and born in Galgadud region and
  5. Abdul Abdi Warsame Ali, the son of (mother) Raho Mire Siyad who is 35 years old and born in Abudwaq.

The judge of the court Hassan Ali Nur Shute said the first suspect is accused of being a member of Alshabab, the leader of the section who carries out planned killings and bombings in Mogadishu and is also responsible for the two suicide bombings at the Zobe intersection and Danwadag road in Wadajir district that happened on 14th October 2017.

Following the hearing, the judge said that the case will be heard again on Thursday, 4/1/2018.

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