Somali’a Opposition Leaders Relocate As Tension Mounts In Mogadishu After Farmaajo Term Extension

Some members of presidential candidates have started relocating from their Mogadishu residencies and are moving to their constituency neighbourhoods in Banadir after the House of Representatives recently approved a two-year extension.

Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who used to reside near the airport since moving from Villa Somalia, has on Thursday moved to a house in the Abdiaziz district in Mogadishu.

Former president Sheikh Sharif is to move in the coming days to Karaan district. Former PM Hassan Ali Kheire and former minister Abdirahman Abdishakur to move to other districts within the Banadir region.

The political situation in the country is tense as President Farmajo’s move has been criticized by the international community and the country’s presidential candidates.

Meanwhile there have been changes taking place in the police and military since President Farmaajo Mandate extended by two years on April 12.

Most of the police chiefs in Mogadishu were reshuffled and some fired on Thursday including Howlwadag and Waberi district police commissioners on suspicion of having ties with former Mogadishu police boss Sadak John who was fired on Saturday after an attempt to suspend parliament.

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