Planted landmine kills 4 children in Galgaduud region

Four children were killed on Friday due to an explosion of a landmine planted in Galmudug state central Somalia.

The explosion took place Bangelle village of Galgaduud region.

In a statement, Galmudug’s Ministry of Education and Culture has confirmed that four children living in Bangelle village died after the landmine exploded.

“Officials are investigating the nature of the device, but we suspect it to be a shell projectile dropped by unknown people within the village,” the statement by Galmudug education ministry said.

The ministry identified the four children as Jamil Daror Mohamed who was grade in three, AhmedWeli Qorane grade four, Sharmarke Abdiqulkadir grade four and Sharmarke Abdiqulkadir who was in grade six.


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