Photos Of Security Minister Islow Watching NBA Game In A Luxury Car Triggers Debate

Photographs shared on social media forums showing Somalia’s Security Minister Abukar Hassan Islow enjoying an NBA game between Miami Heats and Cavaliers in a luxurious bullet proof vehicle has triggered debate on Social media.

The photos were first shared by Abdiqaani Jeenyo who is seen together with minister Islow in the luxury vehicle.

Radio Dalsan sampled some of the reaction on social media.

“Some people have been calling for him to be fired because of the lack of security in Mogadishu recently. I think he just made it easy for PM @HassanAKhaire to fire him. He added his incompetency with arrogance! Abdirahman Ismail.

Moulid Houjale tweeted “How to have fun in a city that experiences explosions & killings almost every day? I think of the poor Somali security forces who are always the 1st casualties as they defend our leaders.What would they think whn they see this? Human shield? More than just personal safety?Luxury?”

Suud Olat tweeted “In Mogadishu, security ministry in lavish bulletproof car watching NBA games and real people with real needs, Somali ordinary citizens.

No excuse. it should not happen,…
#Mogadishu }#IslowResign”

“Before you condemn his actions, you have to know the Minister is a businessman. He is one of the richest ministers in the government. Did he do this with his private money or public money? If he used his own money then i don’t see the problem. But if it’s public money then we have a problem” Mohamed Ahmed commented on Facebook.

“Are you saying when he’s in the car he can’t make use of it? I’m not saying he’s good but this is not an issue” Ahmed Ismail Aden commented on Facebook

Ladane Hassan Dhoore commentedon Facebook “He should be fired after Zoope. His incompetency is out of this world but then again this is Somalia where folks are fine with mediocre and inept folks as along as 4.5 quota is met”

“Tap your shoulders off stop hating sxb he had this rolling before N&N so it ain’t about that if that was farmaajo, I bet you it will ok” Mohamed Ali commented in Facebook.

Abdikadar Sheikh “If you look closely the seat and top interior are not the same with the selfie pic of the minister”

“This picture doesn’t reflect the situation in our capital,and it’s embarrassing that the government officials are enjoying like this while the people are suffering for they don’t even have something to eat” Ali Hassan Mohamed commented on Facebook.

The Miami Heats and Cleveland Cavaliers game ended 118-94. Radio Dalsan is yet to establish which team the minister was backing.


Islow took over the Security Portfolio on April 2017 to be in charge of a country still challenged by an ongoing insurgency by militant group Alshabaab.

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