Military court sentences two foreign nationals to 15 year behind bars for recruiting Al-Shabaab fighters

Somali military court has today sentenced two foreigners to 15 years in prison each for being members of the al-Shabaab group and also training the militants.

The two men, from Britain and Malaysia, have been involved in battles with al-Shabaab in various cities and have been detained in Mogadishu for a year according to the military court.

The chairman of the military, Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shuute, announced that Dereton Antonio Perez of Britain and Ahmed Mustaqim bin Abdihamid of Malaysia had been sentenced to 15 years in prison each.

The men initially withdrew from Somalia, but were recaptured by Yemen and taken over by Puntland security forces.

The two men also reportedly tried to leave al-Shabaab and join ISIS, but al-Shabaab arrested them when they learned of their plans to join ISIS.

On Saturday, Malaysia’s Foreign ministry said Malaysian Embassy officials in Khartoum, Sudan, had made a consular visit to ensure the welfare and health of Ahmad Mustakim were taken care of.

“The ministry will continue to monitor developments in the case and will provide the necessary assistance to him by ensuring his rights and welfare are always protected and that he gets a fair trial in accordance with

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