Here is what Wadajir Party ‘lost’ when Government forces attacked their offices in Dec 2017

An inventory document seen by Radio Dalsan and listing the property destroyed in the December 18, 2017 attack on Wadajir party headquarters reveals the extent of damage the Political organisation says authorities should recompense.

The party led by former Somalia Planning Minister Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame says it shared the inventory on damages with the federal government officials seven days after the attack on December 24, 2017, but has never been compensated.

Mr Warsame said in a recent interview with Dalsan TV that the attack cost him nearly half a million dollars in assets damages, apart from the loss of life.

The document lists the names of some of the equipment and gadgets destroyed in the attack on the Wadajir party headquartres, including:

•$85,000 bullet-proof vehicle, Apple Mac Computer, Galaxy Mobile, 3-Suit, 4-Pants, 7-shirts, Hugo Boss Perfume, 8-Hard Disks, Laptop Surface Pro 4
iPhone 6+, Galaxy S9,$ 35,000 (cash), British Passport, Somali passport and Laptop Mac book air computer.
• A File with photos of the deceased and $25,000 for the renovation of the offices, a Toyota pickup worth $15,000, Hilux worth $25,000, Noah worth $6500 among others have also been listed

Abdinasir Guelleh Elmi, now a member of the Galmudug administration’s cabinet and member of Wadajir party lost a total of $172,000 in cash according to the document.


According to the document, Shadoor Haji, a member of the Wadajir party, also lost $37,200 in the attack.

The Wadajir party leader was arrested on the day of the attack after his house was attacked by government forces and released 3 days later by the Benadir regional court on insufficient evidence by the office of the attorney general.

The next day an appeal was instituted by the attorney general and Benadir Regional Appeal Court ordered him to appear before the court on the 27th of the same month but the hearing flopped due to lack of legal representation by the defendant whom he withdraws their services on the same day.

The Appeal Court appointed January 3, 2018 as the next hearing day but the defendant did not appear compelling the court to rule in absentia. It, among others, overruled the decision of its Regional Court that the case cannot be appealed against and asserted the right to hear it, gave the green light to the office of the attorney general to carry out further 60 days of investigation on the case and barring the politician from leaving the country until his case is settled by the court.

The court also imposed fines on 8 lawyers who refused to represent the defendant and ordered 5 of them to halt offering legal services for up to 2 consecutive months. The other remaining 3 were fined, each, US$ 2,000 worth in local currency.

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