Family Demand Justice After 9yr Girl Shot Dead, 14 Pupils Injured As Govt Soldiers Open Fire On School Bus

A 9yr old girl was on Tuesday shot dead when government soldiers escorting a Somali National Army commander opened fire on a school bus in the Somali capital Mogadishu, Radio Dalsan reports.



14 other pupils were injured and hospitalised at Digfeer hospital some in critical condition.
The deceased is identified as Deqo Dahir Ali Farah a pupil at Hoyga Hamar boarding school.
The soldiers blamed dor the shooting were reportedly escorting a commander of the SNA identified as General Geeshow who is in charge of Lower Shabelle.


The father to the deceased Mr Dahir Ali told Radio Dalsan that they will not bury Deeqo until the soldier who shot her is arrested and produced at a court of law dor justice to take it’s course.
Somalis expressed their anger and shock at the shooting of school children.
“The safety of our school going children is at stake yet we are being forced not to talk about the insecurity in Mogadishu. My own son was in that very bus! Alhamdu lillah not hurt” Abdullahi Mohamed a parent at the school tweeted.
“A 9 year old female student shot and killed by government soldiers in Mogadishu. This is both unacceptable and emblematic of the deteriorating security situation in Mogadishu” Abdulle Adan tweeted.
“Soldiers who shoot the emerging flowers of d country!! What kind of gov is this? And it is planning to send these troops to S.Sudan!! #pretentious_show” Abdrahman Adle tweeted.
The government is yet to issue a statement on the incident.

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