Ex President Sharif Alleges Farmaajo Govt Plot To Delay Elections


Somalia’s former President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has expressed “dissapointment” by the postponement of the The National Independent Electoral Commission Presentations in Parliament which had been scheduled to be tabled on 27th May.


“That decision is an abuse to the Provisional Constitution and the National Electoral Law which was recently Approved” Sharif said via his official Facebook account.


Sharif points finger at current Farmaajo administration of playing delay tactics.


“We warn against the urge and trial to every time delay National Elections and attempt in increasing the time period of constitutional institutions and the National Leaders” he said.


“The consequences of these acts will solely be beared by Current Administration of this country” Sharif said.


“This Administration has Failed in its Mandates which they were elected For.Chief Among them holding one man one vote which would be free and Fair” Sharif a leader in the FNP opposition alliance concluded.


The presentation has been pushed to a month.

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