Ethio-Somali State Leader Mustefe Omer Accuses Ex Somali PM Gaas Over Plot To Destabilise Ethiopia & TPLF Links

A Former Somalia Prime Minister has been accused of deploying troops to Ethiopia from the Somali border as part of a plot to destabilize Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State President, Mustefe Omer Agjar, in an interview with ESAT Television, accused former Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Gaas of attending a recent opposition conference in Washington.

“There were attempts to harm the Somali regional territories, we prevented them, including the Washington conference where nine opposition groups formed an alliance, with the help of Abdi Iley supporters.” Mustefe Omer said.

Omer said they will protect Ethiopia’s Somali region and they are on high alert and have deployed troops to the  Somali border.

“This involves several Somali leaders who are allied to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) but the former leader of Puntland Abdiwali Gaas is among the leading, in this case, we have been observing him the last 3 months,” Omer said.

He stated that Gaas is meddling in Ethiopia’s Somali region affairs while supporting TPLF.

Abdiweli Gaas served as the Prime Minister of Somalia from June 2011 to October 2012 and also became the 5th President of Puntland in 2014.

Puntland is bordered by Ethiopia’s Somali state in the southwest.

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