Alshabaab Stones To Death Woman Married To 11 Husbands

A woman  in Sablale town in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia was on Wednesday morning stoned to death after she was found guilty of practising polyandry.

A statement released by militant group Alshabaab identified the woman as Shukri Abdulllahi Warsame.

“Shukri Abdullahi Warsame was found guilty of marrying 11 husbands. From the eleven two divorced her and now she is wife to nine men” the statement said.

The matter was taken to court after complaint from one her husbands and later seven men reported to the authorities claiming they were married  to Shukri.

Shukri confessed to marrying the nine men at once.

Hundreds of residents of the Alshabaab controlled Sibable town witnessed the stoning at a public square.

Last October the militant groups court ordered for the stoning of Habiba Isaaq for practising polyandry. Habiba was married to two men at once.