Somalia deploys Gor Gor Special Force to contain inter-clan wars
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Somalia deploys Gor Gor Special Force to contain inter-clan wars

Somalia deploys Gor Gor Special Force to contain inter-clan wars


Dalsan Reporter

The Federal Government of Somalia has sent troops to parts of Middle Shabelle to provide security in areas where inter-clan clashes were recorded. 

This follows peace talks in Adale where traditional leaders lead in efforts to stop clashes between militias of opposing clans. 

Imam of the Mudulod Imam Dahir Imam Mohamud who was speaking in Adow Uuul has urged communities in Middle Shabelle to stop inter clan fighting and support the security officers brought to bring about normalcy. 

He has called on residents of Gelgub, Hajji Ali, El-Muluq and Labagaras who fled the villages following the inter-ethnic clashes to come back to their houses.

“I urge all the residents of the town to come back. Whether they are interior villages or in Adalle. We want all of them to come back,” said Imam Dahir.

Most services have resumed including the well that offers water to the villagers, supplying their households and livestock with the much needed resource. 

Other Services like telecommunication networks have resumed after the government seized total control of the areas. 

The traditional, security and regional leaders have said the government has prioritized plans to bring essential basic services required by the people in the town. 

The latest clashes that broke out last month started shortly after the area was liberated by the Somali National Army and allied clan militias from al-Shabab.

According to the Credible Sources close to Dalsan TV, 20 people have been killed and more than 1,500 displaced since the clashes broke out.

The area has been under the control of the Somali militant group al-Shabab for close to 15 years. 

The Imam of the Mudulod Clan said Middle Shabelle has many other pressing problems, which the communities should focus on to realise development.

Adale, where the villages in dispute fall under, is a coastal town in the southern Middle Shabelle region of Somalia some 180 km from the capital Mogadishu. 

It is a stretch of virgin sandy beaches that goes on and is only interrupted by many fishing boats at the docking site used by fishermen. 

Clan militias who helped Somali Army Soldiers in liberating the towns from Al-shabaab, and who have been fighting for control have accepted the peace talks. 

Many inhabitants of the towns have left the towns for fear of more clashes between rival clans. 

The Somali government through the top leadership of the Somali Army has commenced reconciliation efforts in Hirshabelle State.

By Dalsan Reporter
Strategic communication practitioner.