Traders in Beledweyne devastated by property damage following triple car bomb attack
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Traders in Beledweyne devastated by property damage following triple car bomb attack

Traders in Beledweyne devastated by property damage following triple car bomb attack


Dalsan Reporter

Property and Infrastructure in Beledweyne, the administrative capital of Hiiraan region have been damaged after triple Car bomb attacks targeting the headquarters of the administration killing 30 people and injuring many others. 

All adjacent areas have been heavily damaged by the car bombs. The first car bomb struck the gate of Lama Galay, while another lorry loaded with explosives gained entry inside the compound, exploding right at the Centre. 

A third car loaded with explosives targeted first responders at the scene, making the attack one of the deadliest in the town. 

Traders who spoke to Dalsan TV said they have lost millions as a result of the bomb explosion. 

Their properties were heavily damaged by the third explosion that was conducted in the evening. 

Abdisalaam Omar, one of the traders at the Beledweyne Cloth Market said there was little they could salvage from their shops following the explosion. 

Mr. Abdisalaam said he lost 60 percent of his property following the explosion in Hiraan.

“We are alive but our business has been damaged,” said Omar who is still unable to come to terms with what happened. 

“There were over 22 Shops, not even one is still intact. They have all been destroyed.”

“The smallest Shop here had $ 6,000 worth of Products. All other Shops had more than that. All that has been lost,” he added.

Over 20 people, including senior regional officials, Zakaria Mohamed the State Minister for Health and Deputy Governor for Hiraan Region Abubakar Maadey were killed in the tripple car bombings claimed by the Islamist group Al-Shabaab in central Somalia on Monday.

Sharmake Hassan Ganey, a member of parliament serving in the Hirshabelle regional assembly has called on the Police to take action against elements who want to destroy the stability of the town.

Mr. Sharmake urged the Police leaders to resign if they can not stop the militant from lodging attacks against civilians and other soft spots. 

“It is not possible for explosions and killings to be happening in the town with no one being arrested for their actions,” said the legislature. 

“There is no one who has been taken to court for their crimes.”

“If no one is arrested for this heinous act, the head of the Police and the Military must resign,” said MP Sharmake. 

The attacks follow a push by Somalia’s government to increase targeted offensive attacks against the Al-Qaeda-linked militants, with the Somali government announcing the killing of a top Al-Shabaab operative in an air strike on Saturday.

Abdullahi Yare, who had a $3.0-million bounty on his head, was killed in a joint air strike on Saturday by the Somali army and the US Africa Command.

A co-founder of Al-Shabaab, Yare was believed to be next in line to take over the leadership of the movement from its ailing chief Ahmed Diriye, according to the Somali government.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has vowed an all-out war on the militants, after a string of deadly attacks in many parts of the country.

The capital of Hiraan region, Beledweyne lies about 300 kilometers (200 miles) north of Mogadishu.

By Dalsan Reporter
Strategic communication practitioner.