Banadir regional Administration Distributes Food Items To Vulnerable Households
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Banadir regional Administration Distributes Food Items To Vulnerable Households

Banadir regional Administration Distributes Food Items To Vulnerable Households


The Banadir Regional Administration has kicked off distribution of relief food targeting some households at an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Mogadishu’s Kahda District.

The IDPs have arrived from Shabelle region and parts of Central Somalia following the severe drought that has caused havoc in many parts of the country. 

The relief aid was distributed with the facilitation of the Somali Disaster Management Agency and fundings from the Emirati government. 

The Governor of Banadir and the Mayor of Mogadishu Yussuf Hussein Madaale has called for more action from partners and among the Somalis to avert famine and save the lives of millions affected by climate change induced drought.

The Governor who visited a newly built IDP camp just outside the capital warned those handling relief food supplies meant for drought victims in the city will be held accountable for any food losses.

Mr. Madaale said the government through its partners will mobilize enough resources, and rallied the Somali Disaster Management Agency and other aid agencies to ensure that all victims of the current drought receive the necessary assistance.

“We have today visited our people who have been displaced by the ongoing drought and insecurity across the country. These were farmers and pastoralists who had suffered as a result of the drought. The displaced people here have told us that people are dying for lack of food,” said Mr. Madaale. 

Mr. Mohamud Moallim, Commissioner of Somali Disaster Management Agency said the Mogadishu Municipality had earlier warned of the critical levels of acute food insecurity that is currently being witnessed, sharply making famine a reality. 

“The mayor has been in contact with us since his appointment. He has been very keen on the affairs of the displaced persons who are overwhelmingly flocking to Mogadishu,” said Commissioner Moallim.  

Over 2.6 million people, or nearly ten percent, of the Somali population live in protracted internal displacement. 

Another one million Somalis are displaced in neighbouring countries, bringing the total displaced population to approximately 20% of the current estimated population of Somalia.

Mogadishu alone  is home to nearly 400,000 IDPs, which is over one third of the overall internally displaced population in Somalia. About 55% of the IDPs are concentrated in two of Mogadishu’s peripheral districts, Kahda and Dayniile.