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Mayor Madaale warns peddlers involved in drug trafficking in Mogadishu

Mayor Madaale warns peddlers involved in drug trafficking in Mogadishu

Police in Mogadishu have today seized bhang and other abused substances during raids conducted in the capital.

The operation was led by the new mayor of Mogadishu and the Governor of Banadir Regional Administration Yussuf Maddale who recently vowed to curb crime in the city.

In a joint operation by officers from the Criminal Investigations Department, the detectives raided the house and other dens following intelligence reports and managed to recover the outlawed substances.

Mr. Madaale said they have arrested some suspects who are now awaiting arraignment in court.

The Police nabbed narcotics including Bhang and local made alcohol during the operation.

“We will not allow this town to be a safe haven for immorality,” said Mr. Madaale.”

City authorities believe the increase in crime is conducted by the criminal gang dubbed “Ciyaal Weero”, who have terrorized the city recidents. 

Briefing journalists in Mogadishu, Mr. Yussuf Maadale warned that the renewed war on drug dealers would not spare anyone, irrespective of their standing in the society.

“We will act decisively on the Ciyaal Weero group and the drug peddlers. Action will be taken against those producing and smuggling alcohol, bhang and other narcotics,” said Mayor Madale. 

The city officials said the suspected illegal drug sellers had already sold several jerricans of alcohol when the raid happened.

Mogadishu has seen a rise in the sale of the outlawed substances, the Somali Police Force said they are now pursuing the masterminds in the sale to protect the youth, learners and other members of the society who are victims of drug abuse.


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