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Security operations in Wadajir District enhanced after crime soars

Security operations in Wadajir District enhanced after crime soars

The government will conduct serious security operations at Wadajir District in Mogadishu to end the insecurity that has left at least one person dead under mysterious circumstances, suspected to be fuelled by land conflicts in a span of one month.

The new Wadajir District Commissioner Ahmed Abdullahi Afrah has announced a 24-hour police patrol will be conducted at the district to weed out the goons believed to have staged various forms of crime thereby stalling economic activities in the area.

In a meeting at the Districts that saw political, religious and security leaders engage with locals, Mr. Afrah announced that police will conduct serious operations against idlers found roaming within the village shopping centre.

He insisted that the police will not relent on arresting idle youth during police crackdowns, who are accused of increased crime in the city. 

The District Commissioner urged all youth without jobs to either start small business or engage in meaningful economic engagements.

“We have always been people who stand against the wrong doers. These young people armed with Knives and are under the influence of drugs will face the full force of the law,” said Mr. Afrah.  

“Please support us in ending this menace,” urged Commissioner Afrah.

The new security measures were announced after months of  uproar from locals in the Districts and other parts of Mogadishu decrying armed criminals who attack them at night, robbing them of their valuables before they flee in darkness.

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