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Somali Defence Minister visits Hiraan region to coordinate security support for Liberated areas

Somali Defence Minister visits Hiraan region to coordinate security support for Liberated areas

The Minister of Defense of the federal government of Somalia has visited troops and allied local communities in Parts of Hiraan region, to assess their welfare and commend them for their contribution to the recent successful military operations.

Abdulkadir Mohamed Noor was in Hiraan on Wednesday, where he interacted with Somali troops involved in ongoing operations to degrade Al-Shabaab and restore peace and stability in the country.

The minsiter who has made several visit to the region where the Somali Army are conducting extensive operations, said his tour was aimed at boosting the troops’ morale as they continue with operations against the al-Shabaab terror group and liberating towns hold by the insurgents.

Dressed in military fatigue, a show of commitment and readiness to fight, Minister Abdulkadir told the soldiers that he was impressed with their high level of discipline, professionalism and good relations with the local communities who have played a key role in the liberation of many villages in Hiiraan.

“History is writing itself. The whole of the Somali Population have agreed to fight these men,” said the Minister while addressing a contingent of officers stationed in the area. 

The minister has told the officers that the government is committed to supporting their welfare and their families while deployed in mission areas.

He commended the military for its contribution to the stabilisation of Somalia, noting that SNA will continue operations in the region against al-Shabaab.

The Somali Army has conducted military offensive operations with support from clan militia in a renewed effort to degrade al-Shaab and remove them from the areas they control.

The group controls many parts of rural southern and central Somalia.

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