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Ten Youths Belonging To a Criminal Gang Arrested In Mogadishu

Ten Youths Belonging To a Criminal Gang Arrested In Mogadishu

Ten youths belonging to an organized criminal group dubbed ‘Ciyaal Weero’ have been arrested by police officers on patrol in the Karaan District, Mogadishu. 

The spokesperson of the Somali Police Force Sadik Adan said the group of men were armed with machetes and were on a mission to commit serious crimes within the eastern division of the city.

The Somali Police Spokesperson pointed out that the gangs who were also in possession of Marijuana, were placed in police cells pending arraignment. 

“The Police Force has conducted operations in many parts of the eastern division of the city. We have nubbed some members of the criminal gang Ciyaal Wero who have disrupted peace here,” said the Police Spokesperson. 

The spokesperson has assured the public of their safety and called on those who may have fallen victim to atrocities by that gang to report to the police station for further police action.

The Somali Police Service has intensified patrols in the Banadir region to ensure the safety of the public.

The public has been encouraged to desist from being involved in any criminal activities, particularly the youth. 

Detectives said that the ten who belong to the notorious squad known as the ‘Ciyaal Weero, are responsible for the sudden rise of crime in many parts of the capital.

Mogadishu is under a new administration, following the removal of Omar Hassan Filish as the governor of Banadir and mayor of Mogadishu. 

The new administration of Yussuf Hussein Madaale has promised to tackle the insecurity affecting Somalia’s most populous city. 

The government of Somalia said it is committed to eradicate the terrorism in the country, calling on the Somali people to share information with security agencies.

The government has also urged members and fighters of the militant group al-Shabab to return to their people and surrender to the government.

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