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Yussuf Hussein Jim’ale appointed new Mogadishu mayor, replaces Omar Filish
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Yussuf Hussein Jim’ale appointed new Mogadishu mayor, replaces Omar Filish


By Yunis Dekow

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has appointed Yussuf Hussein Jima’ale as Mogadishu’s mayor and Banadir Governor. 

The President made the appointment on Wednesday ending the tenure of Omar Mohamud Filish who served as the mayor of Mogadishu for three years. 

Mr. Yusuf Hussein Jimaale is the former Mayor of Mogadishu and the Governor of the Banadir region. He was formerly the Secretary of the Peace and Development Party. 

He assumed office on November 2, 2015. He was later replaced in April 2017 by Thabit Abdi Mohammed.

Yussuf Jima’ale is a close confidant and ally of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. 

He joins the list of members of President Hassan Sheikh’s party, The Peace and Development Party who have made various comebacks to the government. 

In a statement President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said Yussuf is qualified for the position and wished him well in service to the People in Mogadishu. 

Key priorities for the new mayor will be tackling Mogadishu’s poor security and accelerating service delivery to the people of Somalis. 

His appointment comes days after the current Governor and Mayor of Mogadishu Omar Mohamud Filish signaled he will be replaced as the boss of the Somali capital. 

By By Yunis Dekow
Mr. Dekow is Broadcast and Digital editorial director at Dalsan Media English Service. He is also a writer, public information, media management and Strategic Communication expert.