arrested for murder of Mogadishu high school student
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Suspect arrested for murder of Mogadishu high school student
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Suspect arrested for murder of Mogadishu high school student

The Banadir Police Administration has arrested a man who is believed to have murdered an 18 year old girl in Mogadishu.

Hibo Kassim, who graduated  from secondary school on Tuesday, was stabbed several times, sustaining injuries that led to her death.

The man identified only with his first name, Jaylani, was arrested after an investigation into the murder conducted by the Somali Police.

Police revealed that the teenager’s body bore stab wounds to the neck and chest.

Good Samaritans rushed her to Gurmad Hospital where she was pronounced dead due to heavy loss of blood.

Both police and relatives said the teenage girl was last seen at Ceelasha Biyaha.

She had left the company of her mother whom they went shopping together.

Lafole District Commissioner said the suspect is in custody, pending more investigation before he is taken to court.

“The suspect who committed the offense and escaped has been arrested after conducting investigations since yesterday,” said the Lafole District Commissioner.

The Somali police have urged residents to report suspected thieves to the police and they will do their investigation.

The arrest comes days after Police in Mogadishu arrested over hundred gang members and robbers.

The suspects is believed to be a member of a notorious criminal gang (Ciyaal Weero) which has terrorized Mogadishu residents.

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