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More Than 6000 Children At Risk Of Dropping Out Of Schools In Puntland
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More Than 6000 Children At Risk Of Dropping Out Of Schools In Puntland

Puntland Ministry of Education and Higher Education have hosted a one-day Education in Emergency Conference in Garowe to highlight the plight of education amid severe drought, which has left 6.1 million people, of which 40% of them are school-aged children, in acute food shortage, in Somalia.

The conference, which was co-organised by the Education Cannot Wait Programme Consortium partners, which includes Save the Children, Care International and SIDRA, highlighted the importance of prioritising education and learning during the response. According to Somalia Education Cluster, an estimated three million school[ii] aged Somali children are not going to schools while 720 000 [iii]more are at risk of dropping out. 

Representatives from the Ministry of Education of Puntland, local actors, religious leaders, Academia, and the Civil Society have participated in the meeting. Puntland has experienced major climate shocks, desert locusts, conflicts, cyclones and prolonged droughts, which have negatively impacted the education system. “Puntland is committed to ensure that every child receives basic education despite recurring crisis which are majorly caused by the climate crisis.

This requires collective commitment from the education stakeholders, including donors, local communities, and most importantly the government,” H.E Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan, has said. In Puntland, at least 17 schools were closed due to the current droughts in Somalia, and at least 6 000 [iv]children are at risk of dropping out of schools. The region has already been struggling with low enrollment. 

According to a policy brief by Save the Children, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, 57.2% of children are enrolled into primary schools in Puntland, the secondary school enrollment rate is just 13%, with 17.2% for boys and 9.7% for girls. “Based on the statistics, the situation is alarming.

The evidence shows us that we need to act and come up with solutions to the current situation. It’s also an opportunity for all of us to think about how we can prioritise education and put it at the top of our agenda in the face of a severe drought that has already affected millions of children in Puntland and Somalia.” Mohamed Abdulkadir, Save the Children Area Representative.

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