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Somali parliament endorses newly appointed cabinet
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Somali parliament endorses newly appointed cabinet

The Somali parliament on Sunday approved the new cabinet formed last week by Hamza Abdi Barre.

The 75-member cabinet was overwhelmingly endorsed, with only seven of the 238 sitting members rejecting the appointments and one abstaining.

´´H.E Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre has today reaffirmed his promise that Dan Qaran government will work on how to help our drought-stricken people, address our security challenges, and carry out the enormous tasks ahead of us,´´the office of the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Hamza last week the cabinet which included Al-Shabab’s former deputy leader Mukhtar Robow Ali Abu Mansoor as the Minister of Religious Affairs and Senator Salah Ahmed Jama as Deputy Prime Minister.

“After much deliberation with the president and the public, I have named cabinet ministers who have education and experience and they will fulfil their duties.” Barre said before announcing the cabinet.


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