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President Hassan Sheikh Meets With Appointed Ministers
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President Hassan Sheikh Meets With Appointed Ministers

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud om Tuesday night held a welcoming meeting with the appointed  ministers of Somalia, together with Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre.

The President and the premier congratulated them on their appointed positions.

The President praised Prime Minister Hamza, for the extensive consultation he has done and the efforts he has made in building a quality government that can fulfill the aspirations of the Somali people for their government.

“The Somali people expect you to serve them honestly, to work to solve the problems they are dealing with, and for that it is essential that you work with responsibility and togetherness and keep in mind the oath and responsibility.” Said president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud urged the Cabinet to focus on ensuring security, drought relief, reconciliation, completing the review of the constitution, improving governance and infrastructure for the Somali people, as well as improving Somalia’s diplomatic relations with the world.

The President  asked the Members of the People’s Assembly of the Federal Parliament of Somalia to approve the Government, so that they can quickly fulfill the mandated national duties, and he prayed to God to align what is in the interest of the people and the Somali government.

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