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Somali Special Forces ( Gorgor) return to Mogadishu after months of training in Turkey.
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Somali Special Forces ( Gorgor) return to Mogadishu after months of training in Turkey.


Radio Dalsan

Turkish-trained Somali Gorgor special commandos have on Sunday arrived home.

A Turkish aircraft carrying the contingent of Somali Special forces who had returned from Training in Turkey landed at Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport at noon local time.

Somali National Army’s (SNA) infantry forces commander Mohamed Tahlil Bihi, Ambassadors of Qatar and Turkey and senior government officials from Somalia were in hand to receive the elite force personnel at the Airport.

The Special commandos after disembarking from the plane showcased to the officials parts of their modern commandos training they received in various provinces of Turkey.

Addressing the media at the Airport, Gen. Bihi said the elite forces will be deployed on the frontline to fight and combat against Al-Shabaab insurgency and liberate areas under the control of the terror outfit.

The special elite soldiers are stationed in Mogadishu, Tosmurib and Beled Hawo, with TURKSOM as their main base.

Turkey has been providing training to Somali National Army for the last four years as part of a 2010 military training cooperation accord.

Turkey has trained nearly one-third of the Somali military forces.

In addition to military cooperation, the two countries also partner in health, education and other initiatives.

Turkey has also built schools, hospitals and infrastructure and has provided Somalis with scholarships to study in Turkey.


By Radio Dalsan