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Three Somali Nationals evacuated to Poland as the hostilities in Ukraine continues to rage on for the six day
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Three Somali Nationals evacuated to Poland as the hostilities in Ukraine continues to rage on for the six day

The Somali Embassy in Belgrade ensured the safety of three Somali Nationals who are now in Poland. The embassy said that in line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs call for Somali Nationals to be evacuated from Ukraine, the embassy made significant efforts to provide Consular Services to the Somali citizens stranded in Ukraine and that the evacuation process for other Somali Nationals who are marooned in the besieged country are underway.

This comes as 12 Somali Nationals who are among thousands of foreign Nationals stranded in Kyiv, the capital city of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv called on the Somali government to evacuate them from the country.
Speaking to the media on Monday, Abdiqani Mayow Mohamed, who is among the Somali people stranded in Ukraine appealed to the Somali government to immediately come into their rescue and evacuate them to a safer place or back to the country.

Mayow said there are hundreds of Africans including Somalis who are trooping and crossing over into Poland so as to seek refuge from the raging war between the two countries as talks between Russia and Ukraine commenced on Monday at the border of Belarus.

This development also comes as the Somali Federal government announced the evacuation assistance for Somali Nationals stranded in Ukraine and advised them to contact the Embassy of the Somalia government in Brussels and in Berlin for evacuation assistance as they work to establish evacuation routes for the nationals stranded in Ukraine and to provide essential consular services.

Somali Federal Government on Sunday said it had communicated with Ukraine’s neighbouring countries and requested assistance for safe passage, visa and COVID-19 waivers for Somali Nationals who are stranded in Ukraine and outlined further that the neighbours responded positively to her request.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it has been in contact with a large number of Somali Nationals in Ukraine en route to Poland with others who arrived in Poland and added that the online registration process of the Somali Nationals had started and urged Somali nationals to be vigilant, and carry with them their national identification documents.

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