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Federal electoral body annuls  results of Fahad Yassin's seat , calls for a re- run amid  escalating stand-off over the seat
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Federal electoral body annuls results of Fahad Yassin's seat , calls for a re- run amid escalating stand-off over the seat

Somali Federal Electoral Commission has announced that the election result of HOP#086 which was won by former NISA chief Fahad Yassin has been nullified until all the complaints are addressed and the electoral procedures met.

Speaking to journalists in a press conference in Mogadishu, the Chairman Muse Gulled said that the election of the seat violated the established guidelines on the conduction of elections and that its result has been declared “null and void” along with other two seats which suffered a similar fate.

The body in a statement earlier posted on its Facebook, underscored that it had not changed its earlier position of halting the convening of election of the seat and will therefore not recognize the result of the seat.

The commission only recognized the elections results of the five seats which were elected in Beledweyne on Sunday discrediting the outcome of the seat won by former spy boss Fahad Yassin.

Yassin was elected on Sunday in the Central town of Beledweyne, Hirshabelle State and got 76 votes while his closest challenger Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed received 24 votes in elections which were conducted at Ugaas Khalif airport a day after a deadly bomb struck the town leaving 13 people and multiple others wounded in a suicide bombing that targeted a restaurant.

Al- Qaeda affiliate group claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement through its proxy media.

In his concession of victory speech, Fahad thanked the State Electoral body for holding elections in the town and pledged to make a good representation for the people of Beledweyne and entire Hirshabelle State.

He also conveyed his condolences to the People killed in the suicide bombing and prayed to Allah to grant them the highest rank of paradise.

This even come hot on the heels of a storm in the Federal Electoral body regarding the handling of the elections with a section led by Muse Guelled, affirming that the commission will not recognize the candidature and election of Fahad Yassin and another group allied to Yassin standing on their ground on the recognition of Fahad’s election.

This split has led to the body claiming that it’s Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts had fallen into another hand and urged the public to disregard any information carried on their social media outlets until they are recovered.

However, reliable sources the accounts have been taken over by the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble who is against the candidature of Fahad Yassin and his handlers have been posting statements on the accounts.



statement from the Federal Electoral body which called on Hirshabelle State to suspend the seat pending the determination of complaints lodged against the seat.

However, the State Electoral poll defied the directive from both the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and the Federal Electoral Commission to postpone and continue with the election.

Fahad was elected yesterday with a vote of 74 against his closest challenger Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed who garnered 24 votes.
Yassin succeeds Farah Abdulkadir, a once powerful justice minister during the presidency of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who occupied the seat in the last five years and is currently out of the country for medical treatment in India.

Fahad joins a list of growing powerful intelligence bosses who have joined the 11th parliament.Among those from the Intel agency who clinched a parliamentary seat include acting NISA chief Yassin Farey and former deputy head of the agency Abdullahi Kulane Jiis.

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