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Gorgor Forces Take Over New Areas In Lower Shabelle
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Gorgor Forces Take Over New Areas In Lower Shabelle

Special forces, Gorgor, have taken over settlements under Awdheegle District in Lower Shabelle region following heavy security operations in the area.

Al-Shabaab fighters, who controlled Shaab-garre settlement, left the area after getting word of the operations by the Awdheegle based special forces. Officials confirmed operations had been conducted in the liberated area, further indicating that the special forces will continue with further operations to clear the area of Al-Shabaab remnants.

The development comes in the wake of increased offensives by the different government forces in the Lower Shabelle region, leading to the liberation of several settlements.

Al-Shabab aims to topple the government and impose a strict version of Islamic law.

It often carries out bomb attacks on government targets but also on civilians.It also targets African Union peacekeeping troops.

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