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Somali government receives third batch of donation from UAE
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Somali government receives third batch of donation from UAE

Somalia government has on Monday received a donation of food aid from United Arab Emirates, in Mogadishu as relations between Somalia and the Gulf nation slowly resumes to normalcy after three years of frosty relations following the seizure of $9.6M money that belonged to the UAE by Somali government authorities in 2018 at Aden Abdulle International Airport over its intended purpose.

The Plane carrying the food aid from UAE’s Red Crescent on Monday landed at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde Airport.
National drought relief committee led by Humanitarian Affairs Minister Khadija Diriye were in hand to receive the 40 tonnes of donation which comprised of food and medical consignment and is expected to be disbursed to drought hit people in the coming days.

This is the third batch of donation from UAE since Prime Minister Mohamed Roble held talks with the UAE government and offered an apology for the confiscation of their money.

The second batch of medical and food aid had arrived on February 8 while the first consignment was delivered on January 7th and was received by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble at Mogadishu’s airport.

According to UN data, almost 8 Million Somali people are facing dire starvation as the drought continues to ravage the country.

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