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General Huud demands withdrawal of gov't forces from Beledweyne
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General Huud demands withdrawal of gov't forces from Beledweyne

The leader of the Hiiraan Revolutionary Council, General Abukar Haji Warsame Huud, has demanded the immediate withdrawal of government forces from Beledweyne.

Speaking to journalists on late Saturday night in Mogadishu Gen. Huud refuted any agreement with HirShabelle state president Ali Gudlawe Hussein.

“Yesterday we refused Ali Gudlawe to come to Beledweyne, and today we refuse. There is no dialogue between us. How can he travel to Beledweyne while denying us our rights,” said General Huud.

Huud said that Hirshabelle’s government will be responsible for any clashes between the rival fighters and the regional government in Beledweyne city.

The general’s statement comes as the federal government last night deployed Turkish trained forces in Beledweyne on Saturday night.

Hundreds of troops from the Haram’ad paramilitary unit were last month flown from Mogadishu to Beledweyne by Somalia’s federal government to reportedly bolster security ahead of the arrival of HirShabelle State President Ali Gudlawe, who has been thwarted from visiting Hirshabelle’s largest city since coming to office in November 2020.


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