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Puntland Leader Inaugurates Two-day Youth Conference In Garowe
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Puntland Leader Inaugurates Two-day Youth Conference In Garowe

The President of Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, today officially inaugurated the two-day Puntland Youth Conference in Garowe.

The President praised the Puntland Youth Conference, an opportunity for young people to discuss their personal issues, and wished them well.

Following the President’s promised commitment to the Puntland Youth Empowerment Program, the Puntland Government has implemented a democratic system in Puntland that gives young people unprecedented political opportunities. as well as the development of Puntland Sports and Stadiums.

The conference showcased the creativity of some of Puntland’s youth, who have developed cars, electronic services and various items, and was encouraged by their efforts and creativity.

The President of Puntland State of Somalia has called on the youth of Puntland to work for the unity, peace and development of Puntland and Somalia in general, and announced the new motto of Unity and Peace.

The meeting was organized by the Puntland Ministry of Labor, Employment, Youth and Sports, and was attended by Government Councils, Civil Society Organizations, Puntland Youth from all Regions and other dignitaries.

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