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Top Somali analyst now claims PM Roble hired hitmen to assassinate them
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Top Somali analyst now claims PM Roble hired hitmen to assassinate them

Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad a Kenya based security analyst now claims that Somali Prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble had hired hitmen to assassinate them.

In a sensational tweet posted on his Twitter handle on Friday, Abdiwahab said PM Roble had paid $300K to hire goons in Nairobi to kill him along with Senior Counsel AhmedNasir Abdullahi and former Kenya’s National Assembly deputy speaker Farah Maalim but spared them.

“Tusbaxle paid $300K to assassinate me. The initial plan was 2 kill @FarahMaalimM & @ahmednasirlaw, 2. The hitmen were smarter than him. They got the money & spared me. Soomaaliyey, qof Twitter wax lagu qoray, dhiig u galaya, maad wadan ku aaminaysaan” tweeted Abdisamad.

AhmedNasir Abdullahi who is a prominent Kenyan law practitioner said PM Roble in a series of trolling tweets castigated Roble and described him as a disgrace to the Somali people who have failed to handle, manage and pilot the country through elections but has concentrated on amassing wealth while taking advantage of the precarious transition period.

Abdullahi even further called on imams to invoke supplications on him and applauded former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre for his honourability and honesty in executing his duties.

“When you see the calamitous tenure of PM @MohamedHRoble and the existential threat he poses to the very existence of Somalia, I request all imams of mosques in the Horn to make Special prayers/dua for former PM @HassanAKhaire…what an honourable and decent man he is!” tweet AhmedNasir.

The city lawyer who is popularly known as Grand Mullah on Thursday in an interview with a local FM station said that PM Roble had failed his responsibilities to conduct, manage and pilot Somalia through elections and was instead concentrating on amassing wealth during this transition period.


” Roble is a fraudster who is hiding behind that long prayer beads ( Tusbax) to micromanage and exploit the government during this transition period and is a liability to the people of Somalia,” said AhmedNasir.


Abdullahi in what many pundits described as playing loyalty to president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo applauded the recent announcement by President Farmajo of suspending the powers of PM Role saying the dismissal was long and overdue in a statement carried on his Twitter

“The dismissal of Somalia’s former PM @MohamedHRoble by President @M_Farmaajo was long overdue. Roble was a little man Incapable of discharging his mandate & was obsessed with the acquisition of earthly possession. He committed acts of High treason & should be treated the traitor he is”

Professor Abdiwahab who is considered as a fierce critic of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and known for his strong support for President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was abducted on September 8 last year while walking on the red cobblestone of Tubman road in Nairobi Central Business District by men forced into a waiting double cabin white car which authorities said was flagged down by the National regulator but he was however released after intense pressure from politicians, the public and his family.


His family while speaking to journalists at their home in South C, Nairobi blamed the abduction of their person on Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble who they said had hired hitmen to kill him and after his ten days ordeal, Abdiwahab claimed that the hitmen appeared to have information about his bold stance against the Somali government.


Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad who hails from Wajir county in North Eastern Kenya is currently the executive director of the Institute for Horn of Africa Strategic Studies and an analyst at Southlink Consultants.


Somali Prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble is yet to respond to the allegations.

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