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Guled Salah accuses president Deni of derailing the work of Puntland Electoral commission
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Guled Salah accuses president Deni of derailing the work of Puntland Electoral commission

Days after announcing his resignation as the chairman of the Federal Electoral commission of the Puntland State, Guled Salah has come out guns blazing to accuse Puntland president Said Abdullahi Deni of impeding and scuttling the democratisation process of the Puntland State asserting that the regional leader has not been forthright in bolstering efforts to achieving free and fair elections in Puntland State.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony of the positions to the new interim chairman and deputy, Salah insinuated that some cabals of individuals within the Deni administration have been hellbent on frustrating the efforts of the commission to the realization of the attainment of one person one vote elections in Puntland State.

“There is an organized group of people in government that does not want Puntland State to have one person one vote and since the day we started, they have been fighting with us and even fought with us in the day of elections,” said Guled.

Clan elders, representatives and parliamentary candidates have previously slammed President Said Abdullahi Deni who is rumoured to be running for Somalia president for attempting to undermine and manipulate the municipality elections outcome to sway the voting patterns after the opposition reaped big in the elections held in October last year.

Puntland State held the first-ever universal suffrage local elections since 1969 in October last year and following the municipal elections two political associations – Mideeye and Justice and Equality agreed to form a political alliance in local councils of the three districts of Qardho, Eyl and Ufeyn rendering a block blow to the Kaah party led by President Said Deni which secured 35 seats out of the possible 87 seats.

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