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Acting spy chief affirms Robow in safe hands, dismisses claims by family members

Acting spy chief affirms Robow in safe hands, dismisses claims by family members

Somalia National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) acting boss Yassin Abdullahi Farey has rubbished concerns by the family of Ex-Al-Shabaab Spokesman Muktar Robow popularly known as “Abu Mansuur” who claimed that the intelligence agency had misinformed the public about the true health status of Robow and said their kin has been suffering in detention and his health has deteriorated since his arrest in 2018.

Speaking to VOA News, Farey affirmed the content of an earlier letter issued by the agency in response to the interior ministry ultimatum of 48 hours to submit a comprehensive report about the mutineered leader.

“We have no interest in lying about the health condition of Robow and that the letter we released to the public still remains in force and that is his true status and well- being of Robow” said Farey.

Yassin further stated that Muktar is in safe hands under the control of NISA and that he is regularly attended to by assigned doctors who perform regular medical check-ups on him.

Ibrahim Muktar Robow, brother to Muktar Robow had on Wednesday told BBC that they read mischief about the claims by NISA that the health condition of their brother is well and is continuing with his Master’s program in the university.

Ibrahim said the last time his brother spoke to the media, his voice and health was frail and thus contradicts the report released by the intelligence agency that he is being attend to doctors and is in good health standards.

” We have not our brother since January 2019 and the claims by NISA that he receives regular visits from his family is neither here nor there” said Ibrahim.

The National Intelligence agency in a letter on Wednesday in quick rejoinder to l the internal security minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur said Muktar Robow is in good health condition and that they incur a lot of expenses in his maintenance and daily upkeep.

The former deputy leader of al-Qaida-linked militant group Al-Shabab was arrested in south West Somalia in Baidoa while trying to run for the presidency of the regional State and since then he has been under the custody of sleuths from the National intelligence agency.

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