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Farmaajo Calls For End of Bosaso fighting

Farmaajo Calls For End of Bosaso fighting

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has called for the cessation of hostilities as fighting resumes in the coastal town of Bosaso.

”The President, calls for an immediate end to the fighting and for a lasting solution to the conflict in Bosaso,” Villa Somalia said in a statement.

The President sent his condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the fighting.

The fighting ignited on Tuesday between the Puntland Security Forces (PSF), a counter-terrorism unit once backed by the United States, and the region’s regular security forces.

 The clash took place after a week-long standoff between the two sides. 

The US Africa Command (Africom) which has been supporting, logistically and financially, the PSF expressed concern about the renewed clashes in Bossaso.

“We are concerned that these clashes will undermine the power of the PSF and that terrorist groups will have the opportunity to take advantage of them,” the statement read in part.

PSF was formed in 2001 going then by the name Puntland Intelligence Service (PIS) and the forces were trained by the US Marines and the CIA.

The force has also been receiving funding from the US until recently.



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