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AMISOM hands over new police station and other key projects to boost policing in Jubaland State
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AMISOM hands over new police station and other key projects to boost policing in Jubaland State

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) today handed over to Jubaland State authorities a newly constructed police station at Kismayo seaport, and commissioned a solar power system and shallow water well at another police station in the same city – all aimed at boosting policing in Somalia.

The Special Representative of the African Union Commission Chairperson (SRCC), for Somalia, and Head of AMISOM, Ambassador Francisco Madeira presided over the events in Kismayo, the administrative capital of Jubaland State, where he handed over the newly constructed Sea Port Police station and the solar and water projects implemented at Dalhiska Police Station.

The new police station is expected to provide the police in the region with suitable office space for them to discharge their duties efficiently, while the solar power system and shallow water well implemented at the Dalhiska police station, will improve the general working conditions of the police, by providing uninterrupted power and water, all crucial for the normal and efficient functioning of the police station, thereby improving service delivery.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Madeira reiterated AMISOM’s commitment to enhance the capacity of Jubaland forces.

“We as AMISOM, are here with a very clear mandate to work with Somalia for Somalia, and specifically in Jubaland State, to work with Jubaland people and Jubaland authorities for the good of Jubaland communities. You do not have to look at us in a special manner. We are part of you, we are here for you,” said SRCC Madeira, who also met with the President of Jubaland State, Ahmed Mohamed Islam ‘Madobe.

The handover of the projects was attended by AMISOM Sector six Commander, Brigadier General, Abebaw Seid Yimer; Jubaland Minister of Security, Yussuf Dhumal and Jubaland State Police Commander, Major General Mohamed Abdi Sheikh among others.

Gen Yussuf Hussein Dhumal, the Jubaland Security Minister noted that the new projects implemented by AMISOM were timely and will greatly enhance policing activities and the maintenance of law and order in the region.

“I would like to thank the AMISOM Police and Military components for working effectively with the Jubaland State forces, and for their cooperation with us in our joint operations to eliminate Al-Shabaab terrorists,” said Gen Yusuf.

The project to construct the Sea Port Police Station and to implement the solar and water project at the Dalhiska Police station, was implemented by AMISOM under its Quick Impact Projects (QIPs), as part of its mandate to boost security in Somalia.

The new Sea Port Police Station and the improved conditions at the Dalhiska Police Station will not only enable AMISOM Police to continue building the capacity of their Somali counterparts through training, mentoring, and advising; but will also help the police in the area to maintain law and order and ensure the security of persons and property.

“We express our appreciation for all these projects initiated by AMISOM and the effective implementation of the projects right from the beginning to the end,” said Jubaland State Police commander, Major General Mohamed Abdi Sheikh.

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