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UN Urges Somali Leaders To Speed Up Lower House Elections

UN Urges Somali Leaders To Speed Up Lower House Elections

The United Nations Special Representative for Somalia has urged the country’s political leaders to enhance their efforts to ensure that the federal parliament is elected before the end of this year.

Addressing the UN Security Council on Wednesday via video conference that progress on the electoral process had been “slow.” Also, he said there is a need to speed up election security preparations, and to ensure a 30% quota for women seats in the lower house.

He welcomed the completion of the election of the 54 senators in the Upper House of Parliament, including 14 women representing 26% of the total in the Upper House.

“Although progress is being made, the efforts of Somalia’s political leaders will need to be redoubled in the coming weeks to bring the elections for the Federal Parliament to a successful conclusion, so that the presidential elections can then be held as soon as possible,” he said.

“The completion of these elections is more important than ever so that all effort can return to the key governance, security, and development priorities in Somalia,” he added.

Swan warned of delays in the electoral process, saying they were hampering progress in other key areas and achieving national priorities.


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