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Long delayed Parliamentary elections to kick off next week

Long delayed Parliamentary elections to kick off next week

The Federal Elections Implementation Team has announced that elections of the House of People will commence on 16th of November in the all regional States.

In a statement, the Federal Election Implementation Team (FEIT) officially announced that the elections will start in all regional states  and in Mogadishu on November 16.

“The Federal Election Implementation Team calls on all concerned stakeholders to help in expediting the election process, sets 24th December, ” read part of the Statement.

The commission said 21 as the final date for completing the long delayed Parliamentary elections.

The commission also urged state leaders to give their full support to the electoral commissions and to facilitate their work.

The last timetable issued by thre commission was to hold parliamentary elections on October 1st and end on November 20, and it was not possible to implement them, although only two MPs were elected during that time.

FEIT did also not provide a date for the presidential elections which is now expected to be around the end of the year.

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