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Jubaland President Appoints New Kismayo Mayor

Jubaland President Appoints New Kismayo Mayor

Jubaland state president Ahmed Islam Madobe appointed Kismayo governor who will also double up as the mayor of Kismayo.

In a brief statement from his office, Madobe appointed Omar Abdullahi Mohamed was appointed the mayor and governor of Kismayo.

”The President of Jubaland State of Somalia, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, has appointed Omar Abdullahi Mohamed as Kismayo Mayor and the governor of Kismayo,” read a statement from Jubaland statehouse.

Omar has previously held various positions in Puntland State of Somalia, including Commander of the Puntland Presidential Guard during the government of Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Faroole).

He was also as Governor of the Nugal Region during the government of Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (Gaas).

Meanwhile, Ahmed Madobe has appointed Bashir Mohamed Baahale as Jubaland’s Auditor General. The President also appointed Abdiaziz Mohamed Hassan as the Accountant General of Jubaland.

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